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Let's Talk Pricing

Let's face it. There is a lot of confusion in the market when in comes to pricing for prepaid cards. The Money Manager Visa® Prepaid Card strives to be fair and transparent. We modeled the card's ATM access on what you would expect from a great financial product: to have your own ATM network where you can withdraw funds.

Straight Forward Pricing

With the Money Manager Card you get straight forward pricing to help you manage your money better. We have listed our pricing for you to review below. The first section is all the things you can do with the card for $0.00. The second section is where you will get charged so be sure you understand how to use the card. The third section is international fees - in case you are traveling overseas or to the great white north or to our great neighbors down south.

What is $0.00?
Description MMC Pricing Comments
STARsf® ATM Withdrawals $0.00 Find a STARsf network which includes the Allpoint Network here.
STARsf® ATM Balance Inquiry $0.00
Signature Point of Sale Purchases $0.00 The fee is $0.00 for using choosing "credit" at the point of sale and signing for your purchase.
Monthly Fee $0.00
Minimum Balance Required $0.00 There is no minimum balance required.
Customer Service Fee $0.00 The fee is $0.00 to call customer service. We prefer if you use mobile or email alerts for your balance and we are happy to talk to you about your account. The customer service number for TAC Financial. Inc. and your card program is (855) 662-2662
Automated Phone Service Access $0.00 This is called IVR or VRU by the industry - its where you "press 1" or "press 2"... on and on. There is 0.00 fee to use this service and as mentioned before we prefer if you use the mobile/email alert services to check your balance.
Card to Card Transfers $0.00 If someone you know has a Money Manager Card you can transfer money to them and receive money from the through Card to Card transfers. You can do this via the phone or via your online account
Card to Bank Account Transfers $0.00 You can move money from your Money Manager Card to your checking or savings account. You do this through your online account. Note: that this transfer is done through the ACH network and will take TWO BUSINESS DAYS to complete the transfer.
Activation Fee $0.00 There is $0.00 activation fee.
Lost or Stolen Fee $0.00 There is $0.00 lost or stolen fee
Email Alerts $0.00 Set them up through your online account
Mobile Alerts $0.00 There is $0.00 for up to 5 general alerts like "Add Funds" per month. There is $0.00 fee for up to 10 Balance Inquiry alerts known as "Pull Balance" per month. Standard text message rates may apply depending on your mobile phone carrier plan.
Retail Cash Loading $0.00 Loading money at retail through Visa ReadyLink Network. Find a retail location here
ATM Decline Fee $0.00 There is $0.00 ATM Decline Fee
Point of Sale Decline Fee $0.00 There is $0.00 point of sale decline fee in the United States (see below for international)
Replacement Card Fee $0.00 There is $0.00 fee to have your card replaced. There is a fee to have it expedited (see below)
Online Account Fee $0.00 There is $0.00 Online Account Fee.


As you can see from the above $0.00 pricing list we attempt to make the Money Manager Card as Fee-less as possible. There are charges for ATMs not in our network - just like other financial products available and there are POS fees for PIN transactions. Please read the fees below to be aware of the situations in which a fee will be charges.

Fees You Will Pay Using the Money Manager Card
Description MMC Pricing Comments
Off Network ATM Withdrawals $2.75 ATM Withdrawals not on the STARsf network will cost you at least $2.75 per withdrawal.
Off network ATM Balance Inquiry $0.50 ATM Balance Inquiries not on the STARsf network will cost you $0.50 per inquiry.
PIN Point of Sale Purchases $0.49 Using your PIN at the Point of Sale will cost you.
Bill Pay Fee $0.50 Using our Bill Pay service to send payments will cost $0.50 per payment. Slightly more then a stamp and cheaper than Money Orders.
Mobile Alerts $0.10 After your $0.00 mobile alerts per month (5 alerts and 10 "Balance Inquiry" alerts) you will be charged $0.10 for each additional alert processed. Standard text message rates may apply depending on your mobile phone carrier plan.
Express Delivery of Replacement Card $10.00 A replacement card takes 6-7 business days to be mailed to you. If you want this expedited to 2-3 business days then you will have to pay the expedited fee.
Paper Statements $2.00 You have access to your statements for 12 months online and can print them out. However, if you want us to send you a statement every month in the mail this is going to cost you $2.00.
Dormant Account Fee $3.00 After 90 days of inactivity (no deposits no transactions) you card will be considered inactive. There is a $3.00 fee per month for inactive cards.

International Fees

International Fees
Description MMC Pricing Comments
International ATM Withdrawals $4.75
International ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00
PIN Point of Sale and Signature Purchases $0.50
Non-Sufficient Fund Fee (POS and PIN Transactions $1.00 Getting declined for lack of funds internationally will cost you a $1.00 per decline.
Currency fees 3% Multi-Currency and Single Currency Transaction fee

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