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What is a Payroll Card?

A payroll card is a "type" of prepaid card and is sometimes referred to as paycard or prepaid payroll card. The Money Manager Visa® Prepaid Card was specifically designed to be a product employers can offer their employees to receive wages instead of receiving physical paychecks.

Prepaid cards are "pre-funded" and you cannot spend more than the amount deposited to the card. This makes them ideal for individuals who have trouble spending more money then they have.


Not all cards are created equal especially when it comes to fees. If you read further you will see the Money Manager Card has a very low fee structure and offer great features. In short, The Money Manager Card is a great benefit for your employees. You can view our pricing here.


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The Money Manager Visa® Prepaid card offers the unrivaled benefits to encourage 100% electronic participation for your employees.

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